The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists help artists who no longer have use of their arms to market their paintings across the globe.

In this spot, produced for their latest collection of Christmas cards, we featured three artists:

Tom Yendell
Vanessa Harrhoff
Rosie Moriarty-Simmonds OBE

We combined footage of them with vignettes of people giving and receiving the cards, all in the spirit of Christmas! Somehow we managed to shoot this on the hottest day of August. Quite a task, especially without the aid of fake snow. We did it by avoiding shooting green plant-life, wrapping our actors up in warm clothing, and a a red, orange, and green colour palette in the production design and grade.

Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini
Producer: Jos Grootjans
Director: Sam Ainsworth
DoP: Nacho Guzman
Editor: Rūta Sīle
Composer: Pablo Scop
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Shot on the hottest day of August! How does blood taste? Irony.