FILM: Agent Ironneck (4mins)

Comedy short film, coming 2018. Completed as part of Homespun Yarns 2017.

Subjected to a gruelling spy training program, a man delves deep into his psyche... perhaps too deep.

"Blokey juvenalia"
reviewer from Ad industry.

"Like Johnny English if made by stoners"
another, more attractive and nicer smelling reviewer from Ad industry.

Director: Sam Ainsworth
Producer: Jos Grootjans, Leonie Zorzi
Writer: Sam Ainsworth
DP: Mads Junker
AD: Jack Ethan Perry
Art Director: Sara Stanton
Sound Recordist: Louis Huddle
Editor: Joseph Bolger, Stitch
Grader: Daniel Levy, The Mill
VFX: Nina Mosand, The Mill, 2D
          Ed Poulson, The Mill, 2D
          James Hansell, The Mill, 3D
Sound Design: Brendan Feeney, Wave
Motion Graphics: Lali Pagès
Music: Pablo Scopinaro

Tom Mayo
Gemma Marie Everest