FILM: 2x2x2 (5mins)


Sci-Fi short film, part of the 48 hour Sci-Fi BFI competition 2018. 

A struggling couple summon a mysterious clinician to their home in search of a solution to their problems.

BTS photo: Getting into character

"Bloody good music"
Mark Knopfler

"Incredible that was 48 hours in the making. Great work"
John Wilson, editor of Billy Elliot.

"Mad ting"

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-24 a las 14.17.14.png

Writer/Director: Sam Ainsworth
Concept: Issy Knopfler
Producers: Sam Ainsworth, Issy Knopfler, Charlie Field
DP: Mads Junker
Art Director: Tim Molina
Sound Recordist: Joel Carr
Editor: Rūta Sīle
Grader: Megan Lee
VFX: Alex Murray
Sound Design: Óðinn Ingibergsson
Title design: Lali Pagès
Music: Pablo Scopinaro

Issy Knopfler
Charlie Field
Steven Flynn
Hugh Coleridge
Bessie Carter
Rebecca Hanson

2x2x2 shortlisted!