Sam was born June 13th, 1937, in Niger, Africa.
Which part of Niger, nobody, including Sam, will ever know.

A year after his birth, to the minute, his mother was eaten by a crocodile.
He recorded the footage by not blinking and remembering really really hard.
This, was his first experience of filmmaking.

Aged 10, he had made approximately 5,743 films using this very method. Approximately.

Aged 17, his father bought him a video camera. He told him, “now you can blink.”
It took him 3 years to grow used to this new, strange form of recording the fast moving images before him that others called “life”.

Aged 22, he travelled to Bolivia, and stayed there for some time. Living in the highest city in the world, La Paz, he discovered a love of South American passion, or as they say in Spanish, "pasión".

Moving to London the year after, he attended the Metropolitan School of Film, where he discovered that he would rather like to do this profession for life.
There, however, he also discovered that bad things happen to good people, and good things can happen to bad people.
It was here he wrote & directed his first short film, Cabrón, about cleaner with South American pasión, and a bad banker. Good things do not happen to either of them.

Aged 23, in 2016, he formed his company, La Paz Films, after the city that had given him his "pasión."
Now he wants to pass this on to everybody he meets, and infuse his stories with a "pasión" that will inspire all who see them.

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